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  • I hope u enjoy
  • This book is probably my best book I have written so far.
  • My cousins are wanting to be paleontologists and that gave me a perfect idea. I was going to publish a book about dinosaurs, I hope they see my book.
  • An easy to read young children's storybook about embracing two different Asian cultures (Korean and Taiwanese). Bilingual English, Korean and Mandarin. Introduces different Asian foods like noodles in black bean sauce, soup dumplings, kimchi and more! Fun to read and enjoy for all!(Age: birth-preschool to elementary school age children)
  • This is a song from Sabrina Carpenter and I hope whoever is reading this is a fan of Sabrina Carpenter.
  • Amelia is an angel, but she doesn't know it yet. Ever since she was a child she always wanted to fly. She lives in a small orphanage in Oregon. But when she grows wings and discovers her mother's not dead-- but alive.. Things get complicated.
  • A bed time story I used to tell me baby sisters when they were younger
  • Peter the Penguin 2
  • A cat and two clever mice.
  • We all need to remember that not everything is as it seems
  • A bedtime story about the animals at the zoo after the sun starts to set. The rhyme was written by an expectant father for his unborn baby daughter.
  • A children's adaption of one of the most beloved Bible stories to date..Noah's Ark
  • This book helps remind kids that through every day actions of being kind, helpful and thoughtful, they have the "powers" to be a Super Hero.
  • Conserving energy each day can save a lot of money over time!
  • This is a story inspired by my niece and nephew's au pair (who's name is Cecile). Cecile is headed back home to Germany in two months. The twins are only 20 months old, so I wanted to give both her and my niece and nephew something to remember who she was. Enjoy!
  • About a girl who gets wings.
  • This is a non-fiction fourth grade level book about our rescued Chocolate Lab, Cappie. It encompasses only her first year. Due to limits in pages this is a shortened version of the original manuscript. Enjoy!
  • A lonely Elephant finds confidence within by meeting new friends !
  • Kristendom
  • my life story
  • Celia, a girl from the city, moves into a haunted country estate. She and her new friend, Luke, must find clues to release the ghost from its murderous past.
  • I made this book to give to my nieces and nephews for Christmas. I hope you like's made with lots of love!!!
  • A rhyming book for toddlers.
  • A book of how all children can be a super hero, this shows the children that they are also different to everyone else, Are you a superhero?
  • This story is about a little caterpillar's journey to discover what it is and what it does. Join us to find out about the butterfly life cycle and to meet some other mini-beasts along the way!
  • A classical style fairy tale full of romance and triumph of good over evil.
  • Can a dinosaur trust a magic clover? Read and find out...
  • My dog's road trip adventures with me cross-country. New adventures can be scary at first, but also lots of fun!
  • This book is for children who may suffer from low self-esteem, behavior issues, and those who always feel discouraged. Sometimes all people need is ENCOURAGEMENT! Parents/teachers, be sure to always encourage your children/students, and tell them that if they work hard and have faith in themselves, they can accomplish great things in life. Take the time to ENCOURAGE someone today!
  • This book is about a Princess who isn't being being treated fairly, so she lies to her parents to escape and live happily and even though its a lie sometimes you need to so you or someone else doesn't get hurt.
  • Plop the raindrop
  • Learning to accept oneself and dealing with peer pressure.
  • Mother's Day poem.