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Public Books I Published

  • Political spectrum from a kid's perspective. 8th grade history project. Covers the 9 main forms of government
  • Follow the adventurous Anna and her lovable, unimportant-to-the-plot dog Nellie on their journey to the majestic town of Yrgbjhyt. There they encounter sweet merman water, a hateful robot, and a series of strangely specific stores. The rest you'll have to find out by reading this poorly written story. The author's lack of effort and commitment really shows, and the inconsistent plot makes you grateful for the few parts that do make sense. Go ahead, read it! You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll scream in frustration, and you'll have a whole lot of fun! Maybe.

Public Books I Like

  • A retelling of the classic tale of Jack and the Bean-Stalk with a kind young heroine named Jacqueline. After Jacqueline's mother becomes ill, a chance encounter with a beggar leads her on a journey up the bean-stalk.
  • Just say no to smoking. Not worth the peer pressure.