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Public Books I Like

  • This is about a boy named John. When he wanted to back down and quit cross country and track. Then he realizes that he needs to NEVER BACK DOWN!!!
  • Oscar is having trouble finding out what he wants to be for career day in his kindergarten class. What do you think Oscar will decide?
  • Follow Logan and Lucy in this fun, easy-to-read picture book on kindness. It was viewed by the 2nd graders at CCDS, and enjoyed for it's simplicity, while allowing children to relate to several aspects of the story.

    Recommended age group: 5-8 years

    Ask the reader if they have done something kind for someone today, and if so, what? Also encourage them to read the story to you and point out the hidden ladybug.

    This is my first book, and I basically just experimented with the features StoryJumper has to offer. I decided to keep it short, but better stories are yet to come! Constructive criticism welcome :)

  • The story of a nail that refuses to be hammered down. A tale of determination and perseverance against incredible odds.
  • A charming story about a fish and a boy who is afraid of water.
  • Learning to go to sleep by yourself in your own room.
  • This book is about two different species of birds, finding a companion in each other. It's a touching story of love and determination.
  • Never give up in what you believe.