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  • An easy to read young children's storybook about embracing two different Asian cultures (Korean and Taiwanese). Bilingual English, Korean and Mandarin. Introduces different Asian foods like noodles in black bean sauce, soup dumplings, kimchi and more! Fun to read and enjoy for all!(Age: birth-preschool to elementary school age children)
  • This book was inspired by my own potty training struggles with my son and perfect for children going through the potty training stage. This fun book will help them understand and feel better about going to the potty.
  • I wrote this story for my sons, Trenton and Parker, as a fun way to help them feel a little less scared at night time.
  • A clover named Brian finds out he is rare and special.
  • He runs with animals in the forest, pilots an airplane, and rides a wild horse. This extraordinary little boy does not know that he is growing up to be a superhero.
  • Can the separation of powers in Santa's workshop improve the quality of the Naughty and Nice List?
  • This story is about a little caterpillar's journey to discover what it is and what it does. Join us to find out about the butterfly life cycle and to meet some other mini-beasts along the way!
  • Nicole you did very good i loved the book sweetie
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  • Sarah is a sweet little girl who lives with her Mom, Dad, 2 sisters, 2 brothers and their 4 kittens and 1 cat. Sarah's mom, Mrs Evans asks Sarah to watch the kittens for her while she goes out to the store. But can Sarah keep an eye on all 4 kittens? What happens when they all get out of their cage? Read to find out!
  • in this story there is a weird duck and cat who is unhelpful,lazy,and dont like working, so there is a hen who would do every work in the house...
  • aAdd a description for this awsome story about teamwork
  • A small kitten wants to go on an adventure. She sets off on her own and has a very meaningful encounter.
  • Can unicorns and dragons play together? Maybe if they use their imagination.