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  • 20 year old Tim HATES St. Patrick's Day and can he get over it? A little man advice might be some help before it's to late...
  • A long time ago there was a jungle and the dreaded volcano. When they decide to go to war, what will happen? Find out in The Jungle of Waters!
  • First rule of this book: You must have read Charlotte's Web. Because this book is a book to zoom in on the characters of Charlotte's Web, and more! A book for teachers to have projects to do with Charlotte's Web!
  • My dog isn't like other dogs. He always going on adventures. What will it be this time? What would you think of going on this adventure? Will it be the dessert, or the amazon? Find out!
  • The monster in the kingdom was not a nice monster. So the kingdom plans to get rid of the monster. How?
  • Do you have friends? I do. It's time I showed you some of my friends! Come meet them!
  • Everyone is cool, but being awesome, take BIG time practice! Learn some tips on being awesome, in this fun book! Also, including two special guest: Grace C., and Lily P!
  • What slows you down from video games, or computers? Homework! But homework has some purposes!
  • Learn about me and see what we all have in common! Give me a comment, and if you like click the star above!
  • Do you know what I might do if I was president? Well, what do you think? A book for children.
  • "Good night iPad, big and small. Good night Electric TV that hangs on the wall." Based on the book: "Good Night Moon", an rhyming book for toddlers, that is encouraging you to put down your screens (and go to bed.)
  • Everyone knows the regular ABC's but do you know The ABC's of Life? It's not letters, it's life! What do you know about life?
  • Learn about the different sicknesses in this book: Sick Day. Learn some cool facts about how it spreads too! Test your brain by taking a quiz if you want to!
  • Long ago, there was a boy named John. One day, a big sea monster attacks! Will John survive?
  • What do the animals think about my cousin Paisley? Read to find out in Fun with Paisley!
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