eBook Promotion for Teachers

Step 1: Order Your Students’ Books with Claim Code ‘EBOOKS’

Step 2: We’ll add eBook versions to your order for FREE 

Order hardcover / paperback books and give them to your students LATER when they’re back at school.

Download eBooks and email them to your students NOW.

Engage and motivate students with book rewards

Offer ends July 31, 2020


From your teacher account, you order hardcover (or paperback) copies of books written by your students. 

On the final ordering page, you enter the claim code ‘EBOOKS’ and place your order.

We’ll add eBook versions of those student books to your order for free. 

You can download the eBooks immediately* as .pdf files from the order confirmation page and email them to your students. 

When you receive your physical books, keep them at your home and give them to your students later when they’re back at school.

* if you’re paying by Purchase Order, then you’ll need to email us your Purchase Order before you can download the eBooks.

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