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During this challenging time when many of us are required to stay at home due to the Coronavirus, students can continue creating StoryJumper books that are reviewed by teachers remotely. Here’s how it works:


1. Pick a writing project

You may already have a writing project idea in mind. If not, you can find fun writing projects and lesson plans on our site. An easy writing project that students can complete independently is the All About Me project.

To make things easier for your students, you can also create a template book that students can duplicate (with one click) and then add their own content.


2. Set up your StoryJumper Class 


If you use Google Classroom, then import your Google Classroom students into your StoryJumper class so your students can simply login with their Google accounts and you can see their books.  You can also Create a Google Classroom Assignment from your “Next Steps” tab so you can easily pass along instructions.  Watch the video below to see how StoryJumper integrates with Google Classroom, making it easy for teachers and students to quickly get started.  

Video on how Teachers use StoryJumper and Google Classroom together 

If you don’t use Google Classroom, then give your students the Join Class link  so they can join your class and create their own account. Alternatively, you can create accounts for your students and pass along login instructions (see next section). Make sure that students don’t create their own accounts that are not linked with your class because then you won’t be able to see their books. Watch the video below to see how teachers and students (who are not using Google Classroom)  can quickly get started.

Video on how Teachers use StoryJumper


3. Students Log into StoryJumper and Create Their Books

To get login instructions for your students, go to your “Next Steps” tab and click “Get Login Instructions for Students”. Pass along these instructions to students, who can follow them and click “Create book” to start their books. Students will see the StoryJumper Tutorial Video when they create their first book.


You can click the “People” tab at the top to make sure that all students have accounts in your class.


4. Review Books

To review your students’ books, click the “Student Books” tab. Below each book, you’ll see the last date the book was edited and if the student marked their book as ‘Finished’. Click on each book, review it,  and click “Comment” to give feedback to the student.

5. Share and Publish Books

To wrap up your project, be sure to share student books so parents can read and buy their child’s book online and appreciate their child’s hard work! Parents are not required to purchase, but many parents choose to buy their child’s book as a keepsake.

To reward students and to have inspirational examples for next year’s class, you can also publish your students’ books. The hardcover and paperback books can be mailed directly to any address that you provide. The eBooks can be downloaded immediately as .pdf files and sent to students, who can print them out or read them on any device.


More Details and Help

For more details and step-by-step instructions, please see the Teacher’s Guide.

If you need any help, go back to the StoryJumper Home Page, login, and click the “Help” Link at the top

We love hearing from teachers!


1. Get Login instructions from your teacher

It’s important that you ask your teacher to send you Login instructions before you get started. Following these instructions will link your StoryJumper account with your class, so your teacher can see your books and you can login easily. If you create a StoryJumper account without following your teacher’s Login instructions, your books won’t be part of your teacher’s class and that can cause problems later.

Make sure that you write down the email address or username & password that you used to login. 

2. Create your book

After you login, click “+ Create book” to start working on your book. Be sure to watch the “How to Create a StoryJumper Book” tutorial video to learn the basics. When you’re done for the day, click “Save & Exit”. 

3. Review and Finish your book

You can continue editing your book by clicking “Edit” on your book page. Review any feedback comments below the book that you may have received from your teacher. When you’re finished with your book and ready to turn it in, go to your “Home” page and click the “Finish” button below your book.

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  1. StoryJumper is an amazing application I published my first story here last week and I will involve my students in this activity as well.I hope my students will love doing it.

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