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  • This is a collection of dog jokes that will tickle your funny bone.
  • Officer Wilson Owens is sent to Huntington Beach, California to investigate a gang of surfers that have been robbing luxury cruises.
  • Georgie and his family decide to go to a popular website to find out more about their ancestors. Everything looks fine except for 5% that can't be explained. This results in Georgie's older brother playing a prank of his little brother.
  • After many years of trying, a team of astronauts is able to complete a mission on Mars. The samples they bring back may prove beneficial to mankind. Billionaire Doyle barron also funds a trip to Mars only his motives are not as pure. Let's just say that everyone is in for quite a surprise when it comes to those samples dug up from Mars.
  • Robbie discovers that he has superpowers. Sounds pretty cool right? Actually he is disappointed to see that either people don't believe him or they simply don't care. But he's a superhero!
  • Detectives Bugson and Stinger work for an elite squad that helps to keep the peace between bugs and humans. Sometimes there are problems between the two species. That's when SBU - Special Bugs Unit is called to duty.
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