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  • This book is made for every child to enjoy the beauty of their imaginations. A beautiful story of the magic that lives in fairy forest.
  • This is book 1!!
    Im making a series about The Pony Cases if you read this book please comment so i can get back to you and read yours to like if you think it is really good please tell me what you think Make sure you look out for the next one!The next one is called The Pony Cases Puddle it is not realised yet but it will be published on the 18/03/2017 or 19/02/2017
    i AM not sure what one will be published first but im making a new one as well as Puddle
  • I have my granddaughters and daughter to my house every Monday. I treasure my time with them and want them to remember the eclectic fun times together doing small things and how meaningful they were to us. The theme is to be grateful and change your thinking to have a positive outcome. Written with love.
  • This is my a to z of animals some won't be there
  • Judge the dogs than in thecomments say who you want to win and than i will make a book about the winner!
  • Love animals and they will love you back! dont treat them mean there all family even the ones who attack they only atack because they are scared of you so dont blame it on them!
  • This is the 2nd book of this series DONT READ IT UNLESS YOU HAVE READ THE 1ST ONE FRAYA IS NOT IN THIS ONE ALOT IF YOU READ THIS BOOK PLEASE TRY AND COMMENT The first book is called THe Pony cases Flaryia
  • This is part 2 about Missy and Luna the outside may make it look like a bad book but it is really good! If you havent seen part 1 check it out this is the details for it

    or an easier way just type in Luna and Missy
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  • If this is usful to you please like and comment and i will do one either a to z or d to z
  • a story for everyone
  • This is a book for children who are learning to read they are easy words and 3 to 4 letters long try make your children read them
  • for descriptive words
  • 3
  • This is about my best freind saving this book!
  • A book of horse breeds!
  • This is Ficton story book which means i made it up and this is part one soon there will be a part two but only if you like the 1st part if you want a part 2 in the comments please ask
  • Please no bad comments this all is true i really appriciate likes and feedback thankyou again i will be making more real stories so please tell me what you want them to be about. This one was about my life but as i said if you want me to do more tell me what kind because i can do fairy tale about me or much more! please tell me
  • Many of the holidays throughout the year bring out the very best in each and every one of us. For one day love can be so powerful that we smile until we all meet again. Smile
  • This is the story of my niece Emma "Emmie", and her love for her grandfather, who the whole family knew as "Papa".
  • Political spectrum from a kid's perspective. 8th grade history project. Covers the 9 main forms of government
    by gdwyer
  • The tiny, multi-colored bean-shaped bears of Beandom are under attack by a monster. Even the King's wisest advisors seem unable find a solution. Who will save Beandom? Can an ordinary tiny bear step forward with a plan that works? The message of the story is: Follow your convictions even when others think differently.
  • An alliteration story about the friendship of Patches and Penelope.
  • This book is for ENG101 at Illinois State University, breaking the genre of children's books.