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  • Bubbles the white friendly rabbit was enjoying life in Hawaii with Ms. Hinds and their many adventures together. His wish for a forever home had come true. He didn't think that his life could get any better, but after a visit from two special guests, he had one more wish...

    This is a sequel to Bubbles Finds A Home
    & Bubbles Island Adventures.
    This is a true story.
  • A change in circumstances has brought Bubbles the rabbit to school. Although he enjoys being a classroom pet, he often wishes for a home of his very own.

    This is based on a true story.
  • On an island in Hawaii, Bubbles the friendly rabbit had been living as a classroom pet. He had often wished for a home of his very own, and one day his wish came true.

    This is a sequel to Bubbles Finds A Home.

    This is a true story.
  • A chicken's dream of going to college and the obstacles she had to face.
  • Lottie and Elsie have been linked to one another during their entire lives. But for whatever reason, the two never became friends. After growing up and starting new lives, the pair are reunited and discover some out of this world details about their true identities. Oh, and they also have to deal with a giant space creature.
  • This is a collection of dog jokes that will tickle your funny bone.
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