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  • The classic love story of two individuals forced apart.
  • This book is fun. The animations will capture the attention of your child.
  • Part 4 came out! Next time when I write fnac world? part 5, The title will instead be T.J.O.C.! Make sure you read this!
  • Hey guys! It's finally been realeased! Fnaf world update 2! I have it right now. Enjoy!
  • The loss of a dear pet....
  • He runs with animals in the forest, pilots an airplane, and rides a wild horse. This extraordinary little boy does not know that he is growing up to be a superhero.
  • This book is for children who may suffer from low self-esteem, behavior issues, and those who always feel discouraged. Sometimes all people need is ENCOURAGEMENT! Parents/teachers, be sure to always encourage your children/students, and tell them that if they work hard and have faith in themselves, they can accomplish great things in life. Take the time to ENCOURAGE someone today!
  • A poem in memory of a beloved dog, Abbie.
  • A popular Japanese folktale about a boy, born from a peach, who helps the local villagers fight a menacing band of demons.
  • This book is for ENG101 at Illinois State University, breaking the genre of children's books.