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  • "Step back baby, step back," is an old song made my children. And the children would sing it as they played a game outside.
  • When Nightfoot receives a prophecy from Starclan he's only an apprentice named Nightpaw: Night will save the day, from the claw who seeks revenge. And Nightpaw doesn't know what it means. It doesn't come true when he's an apprentice, but it does when he's a warrior.
  • "Beware of the one whose heart will break."

    Redpaw becomes friends with Mudpaw, and Badgerpaw, when she's an apprentice
    They were all good friends. But when Redpaw becomes Refleaf, she finds that one of her friends will do anything even kill, to make her theirs. (WIP)
  • Waterkit, Gingerkit, Spottedkit, and Tabbykit, are the most troublesome kits in Streamclan. And they are always getting into mischief. One day they go exploring in the forest, and then find them selves in Marshclan.
  • Limp is a two-year-old gray wolf that lives in Goldenstone Park, and can only walk on 3 of her legs. Because her left back leg is deformed. After she finds a mate, she and him find out that there is no room in Misty Mountain for them to start a family there. So they travel to Red Ruby Creek and start a family there. But dangers are waiting.
  • This book comes after Dognapped.

    Red a red and white King Charles Spaniel has many good friends,but one of them is not with her-Kaid. Kaid and her were friends 5 years ago. When Red finally remembers all the good times her and Kaid had, and the time she moved away, she goes on a quest with Max, Pom Pom, and Poe to find him.
  • WARNING:This is a very crazy Warrior Cat book. About a very insane Warrior Cat leader.
  • Red Panda, Red Panda, what do you see?
  • Red, is a red and white King Charles Spaniel, with many friends. But when her friend Poe gets taken by a strange dark figure, while out playing in the forest, Red and her friends embark on a journey to save him and bring him back.
  • This is the story of my rabbit Riley. And what happened to her.
  • Have you ever wondered how bears go their short stubby tails?
  • A red panda named Red Panda loves popcorn. And he all ways buys almost all the popcorn in the store. And never shares it. Until one day...
  • When a dog's owner says he as a surprise for him, and his friend Butch, it ends up to be a cat! Will he and Button the cat, ever get along,or will they be enemies forever?

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