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  • blue now has turned evil and is under Dr.M.Blacks control, will he become evil forever or will Trickster and Roughouser be able to save Blue and stop Dr.M.Black
  • All the people are at a camp in order to get ready for a huge race but just days before a criminal mastermind by the name of Dr.M.Black had just escaped prison charged with He killed lots of people, Stole peoples identity, Stole other peoples possessions, And Attempting to cash a stolen check under his name, Will Blue be able to stop Dr.M.Black or die trying...
  • Dr.M.Black has captured Blue to try to make him turn evil so trickster and roughouser have to save Blue before they turn hum evil but will he have turned evil or will he stay good?
  • this book is about a family they has mystical powers but their powers are crazy this way and that but will they fix there problem or die trying

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