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  • Hope the Optimist Bear was created by the Junior Optimist Organization. It is a bear we deliver to local hospitals with a story book written about her. We do a school wide competition for a story about Hope. This story is to help the children in the hospital feel better and leaves them with a snuggly friend for the rest of their stay and beyond.
  • Oscar is having trouble finding out what he wants to be for career day in his kindergarten class. What do you think Oscar will decide?
  • The tiny, multi-colored bean-shaped bears of Beandom are under attack by a monster. Even the King's wisest advisors seem unable find a solution. Who will save Beandom? Can an ordinary tiny bear step forward with a plan that works? The message of the story is: Follow your convictions even when others think differently.
  • What's a big brother? That's the exact thought Henry pondered when his little sister was born. He was excited to find out it was a lot more fun than just changing diapers! Read, "Henry Becomes a Big Brother" to learn about all the wonderful things a big brother is!
  • Henry Saves the Day! is a whimsical tale about a young Prince who rescues his Kingdom from an evil pirate! There are dragons, Princesses, and happy endings in this must-read children's story. So far it’s received rave reviews:

    “Henry Saves The Day! is arguably the most inspiring children’s book of all time. The writing is witty, the illustrations are cutting edge, and the story itself is one that every generation should read until the end of time. We may never again see such an incredible children’s book written in our lifetime.” – Author

    “When I first read Henry Saves The Day!, my immediate reaction was four words- ‘New York Times Best Seller.'” – Author’s Husband

    “Book. (kissing sounds).” – Henry
  • Chocolate-loving "Puggy" gets into mischief following his owner Neil Armstrong to work, and sneaking into the rocket that takes him all the way to the moon!
  • A letter to my crush who turns out to have crush on me.
    by ifung
  • The story about a croissant who never know he going to be sold that day.(Based on the Story "Si Mentimun" or "The Cucumber)
    by ifung
  • Bullying is not fun, especially in a Halloween party.
    by ifung
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