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  • This is a story of a young island girl born and raised on the island of Saipan. I wanted to write this story in a way that will get young readers engaged on the concept of cultural diversity. I considered the fact that not many kids have ever been to a beach, while others have never seen snow. As an islander, I feel that being raised by a beach, not to mention a tropical island, plays a huge impact on my culture. Thus, I wanted to share more about my island as it seems that Pacific Islanders are often underrepresented especially when teaching about cultural diversity to early childhood years.
  • This is a story about a penguin named Luke. He goes on a silly adventure, going places that he had never been before!
  • My first ever diary from when I was 7-9. I hope you enjoy my normal, yet exciting life!
  • Celia, a girl from the city, moves into a haunted country estate. She and her new friend, Luke, must find clues to release the ghost from its murderous past.
  • Inspiration for the Artist in all of us! Excellent opening tool for Educators, Parents and those needing a nudge to tap in to their creativity.
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