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  • A chicken's dream of going to college and the obstacles she had to face.
  • This is a collection of dog jokes that will tickle your funny bone.
  • Written for my young daughter (my 1st ever go at writing down a story!). I wanted the story to have the message of 'change is OK' as everyone experience changes as we grow.
  • Animal awareness, character building, responsibility & community involvement is what "Shelter Souls" is all about. Everyone deserves a loving home! Let's all do our part to help. :)
  • A bedtime story that is beautiful about a parents love and no matter how big or far they stray away they will always be your baby star. I am not the original author
  • This book is a story of a little llama who loves to dance and sing. She live on "Leap"n Llama's Ranch. She lives with Nana, Lola and some other little critters. Llama -Llama Tutu's best friend is a little red rooster who follows her where ever she goes. Nana calls her "Llama-Llama", but her full name is "Llama-Llama Tutu".
    There is a talent show and Nana entered Llama-Llama in the show, But it is not a easy task getting the llama in the trailer to get there in time. Llama-llama is in the Finale so she is suppose to wait her turn, but just can't sit still and ends up in all the acts. This is my first book, but I own Llamas and have walked my llamas into town for coffee and carrots. Coffee for me and Carrots for my Llama Gigi. People will stop and ask to pet the llama take pictures with your llama, feed your llama, but nobody wants to clean up after your llama. Enjoy. Yes, my Llama has a tutu.
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