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  • Freddy and friends get teleported to the DBZ universe. what could happen? no one knows
  • Rendora/Riandora is my japanese name but in english i am Leandra i go to the carl junction high school. After school it's the weekend and we go to the invention room where no body tries out your inventions and we were exploring the science looking stuff. My family and friends see a space pod and we all go incide both of them. We see a red button and before we know it were in space on a planet like earth but . . . wait is that my favorit anime character i see or am i hulucinating we try to find a way home but are hopes are endless and it seems that were trapped on a different planet. Will we find a way home to our planet?
  • This is about the 2 main people of the most popular anime show called 'dragon ball z' or 'dragon ball super'
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