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  • I hope you like this mexico chismas book
  • This book is about me and my friends on an adventure to win the Kalos Lead.
  • This is a book of poetry written by Fox Bailey. He is ten years old. He is autistic and talks with a letter board instead of his mouth. He has been talking since May 2014 when he started learning RPM (Rapid Prompting Method). He thinks all autistics need to get a proper education and gives speeches to advocate for it. He loves all learning and wants to be a scientist and poet when he grows up. He lives in Waterloo with his family, two cats and his service dog Tetley.

    You can read more of Fox’s writing on his blog Fox Talks With Letters - http://foxtalkswithletters.blogspot.ca/

    Here's how Fox feels about writing: Being a writer is so amazing. It is a great way to express feelings and troubles. I had no way to do that before I learned to talk with letters. Appreciate so much ability to talk and write. Being heard and understood is the best feeling in the world.
  • About a girl who gets wings.
  • This story is about Roblox and three people who are trying to solve a mystery.
  • this is my first book series and i will make a bunch more.
    i hope u will like it!
    by lino98
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