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  • Chocolate-loving "Puggy" gets into mischief following his owner Neil Armstrong to work, and sneaking into the rocket that takes him all the way to the moon!
  • This is a book about 52 different dog breeds! Do you have a favorite breed of dog? If so, can you locate it in this book? It took 2 days and 5 hours to make, so please leave a like and comment. Thank you!! Also, please be sure to read some of my little brother's books (he's mantheman343). If it says he hasn't published any books yet, he is working on a new book!!!
  • A true story about the most recent time I went to the dentist. Don't be afraid of dentists!
  • I'm still a child, so this book's wording is not very accurate, but I hope you enjoy it anyways! Thank you!
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