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  • Learn Everything you need to know about StoryJumper.
  • A selfish dad is transported to the mirror an can't get out unless he really means he won't be selfish anymore.
  • A vampire family tricks Sophia's family by staying the night so they can turn into vampires! Sophia and a mom have a plan to stop them. Join Sophia and her vampire adventure.
  • Three cousins hunt for treasure then captures by pirates and transformed to mermaids. Why don't you join the adventure?
  • A dog runs away to explore the forest, meets a unicorn, tricks it, and goes back home.
  • About a dragon and Princess Caroline.
  • When Caroline and her friends board the plane to Florida for school, the flight attendant had plans on how to destroy the passengers and get something special. Caroline and her friends find a way to destroy the attendant, restored the telescope thing that if taken, will stop the engines of the plane, and had a safe trip to their destination. At school, their teacher said that they can return home early! Hope you enjoy!
  • A princess wanders away from the castle and meets a mermaid. she helps her find the castle buried after some incident. The mermaid helps her find her way home return.
  • About two friends who have a fight.

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