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Teacher's Classroom Edition


The Classroom Edition is designed to:

  • give teachers an interface to manage and review students' work.
  • provide strong privacy controls over student information.

Let's follow a hypothetical set up for Sara Smith, a teacher at Woodrow Wilson school.

Step 1: Sign up for a Teacher Account

The first thing Sara needs to do is sign up for her teacher account. She checks the box that says "I am a teacher and I want to use StoryJumper in the classroom with my students."

Step 2: Set-up your Class

Once her account is setup, Sara clicks on the "Set Up Your Classroom" link.

Now she's on the "Edit your class" page (shown below).

Sara needs to enter:

  1. A Classroom Name.
  2. A Temporary Password that all her students will use to access the class the first time.
  3. The Duration of her class (this is for security purposes, explained below).
  4. The First and Last name for each student.
  5. To save time, a unique Username is automatically generated for each student with an easy to remember adjective-animal-number combination. If Sara wants to change these, she can just change them to whatever she prefers.

Sara adds more students by clicking the +Add button at the bottom of the screen.

After Sara clicks the Save button, she'll be taken to her classroom's dashboard page (shown below).

Step 3: Start / Stop a Class

Before her first class, Sara wants to print the handout instructions for her students. So, she clicks the Print Handouts button on the class dashboard page.

To begin a class, Sara clicks the Start button. Now class is in session and her students follow the instructions printed on their handouts to access the class. The first time students access the class, they'll be required to enter the class ID and their Username and Temporary Password. And they will be asked to pick their own secret password that they will use from now on. If a student forgets their own secret password in the future, Sara can go to the class dashboard to 'Reset' the student's password to the Temporary Password.

Sara's class will run for 1 hour and 30 minutes, as configured in the "Duration" field for her class. She can change this at any time by clicking the Edit button and adjusting the desired class length.

With a duration set to 1 hour and 30 minutes, Sara can either let the class run its course, or if desired, click the Stop button and end early. In either case, when the class ends, the system will automatically save all work and log out all the students. Students will not be able to access their work at school again until the class is started again by Sara.

Why is there a class duration? StoryJumper wants to ensure a student's privacy is maintained at all times. Setting class duration significantly decreases the chance of students in a shared computing environment (e.g. computer lab) to accidentally or intentionally access other students' accounts.

Step 4: Email Home Account Instructions to Parents

After step 3, students can only access StoryJumper at school. But it is important to enable students to access their StoryJumper stories from home, as well. Why create a home account?

  • More time to work on their stories at home (their home account is linked with their school account)
  • Keep their stories after the school year ends (otherwise, students who don't create Home Accounts can't access their stories after school ends)
  • Parents can enjoy their child's stories

So, Sara clicks on the icon for each student and emails Home Account instructions to each parent. Each email contains a different Home registration code for each student. After a parent completes all the instructions, they and their child will be able to use StoryJumper at home.

Step 5: Review Students' Books

After her students have worked on their stories, Sara can scroll down the class dashboard page to see all of her students' work. She clicks on each book. Then she can read, edit, and comment on them. And even buy them!

Step 6: Create your own books

Why should students have all the fun? Sara wants to create her own StoryJumper book! So, she clicks on the StoryJumper logo in the upper left corner. Now she's on her teacher home page (shown below)

To create her own book, Sara clicks on the My books link at the top of the page.

If she wants to go back to her class dashboard, she clicks on Room 22 or the More > button.

To create another StoryJumper class for a different classroom, she clicks on the +Create a new class link.

Order Books with Classroom Edition

Sara wants to order professionally printed versions of her students' books. Fortunately, the Classroom Edition supports volume ordering of class books (10% discount for 15+ books).

  1. From her class dashboard, she clicks on each student's book and then clicks on the Buy button. She chooses which book type she wants by clicking the +Add to cart button.
  2. When she's ready to submit her order, she clicks the shopping cart icon at the top of the page. She sees an inventory of all book titles and the number of copies in her order.
  3. She enters shipping and payment information in the subsequent checkout screens.
  4. Since she orders more than 15 books, she automatically gets a 10% discount.

Contact StoryJumper

We love to hear from teachers. For any questions or comments about the Classroom Edition or other products, please contact us at