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Danika Gordon
Danika Gordon is a student at Sturgis Williams Middle School in Sturgis, South Dakota. She enjoys being involved in activities in her school, community and 4-H, and hopes to inspire others to spread kindness.
Noah White
Noah White is a student at Sydney Grammar School in Sydney, Australia. He's an avid reader of books and loves being in nature which is where he got his inspiration for this book. Many ideas pop into his head every day and EARTH was just one of them! Stay tuned for more books in the series, THE ELEMENTAL CHRONICLES.
Jenna Brown
Jenna Brown is 8 years old and lives in North St Paul, Minnesota. When Jenna is not reading or writing she enjoys playing softball, basketball, card games and going to church with her Dad and her two brothers, Jeremy and Justin. She also spends a lot of time with her new puppy Daisy!
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