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What is StoryJumper?

StoryJumper is an online tool that makes creative writing fun for kids.

Using our interactive workbook and lesson plans, teachers spark students' interest in developing and writing complete stories.

Kids can then put their creativity and project skills to work in crafting their very own professionally published hard-back books!

Getting Started

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How much does it cost?

The StoryJumper creator tool, art, and lesson plans are free for teachers, kids and parents to use.

Once a book is complete, family and friends can share the stories online, and can order beautiful hardback copies of the book for family and friends, starting at just $24.95.

Education discounts

Our mission is for every child to feel the joy and excitement of publishing their very own book.

Contact [email protected] for special school discounts on book orders.

What else can I create?

Looking for another kind of project? There are lots of other ways to use StoryJumper in the classroom. Here are just a few ideas:

  1. Class poetry anthology
  2. Field trip photo album
  3. Class recipe book for fund-raising
  4. Science experiment photo journals
  5. Social studies projects and book reports
  6. Shapes, Colors & Numbers for pre-K
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What do teachers think about StoryJumper?

Kathleen Normandeau
3/4 Special Ed. Teacher
Pennsauken, NJ
My kids used to groan when I mentioned the mundane task of writing. Then I introduced them to Storyjumper, and now I can't get them to do anything but write! Storyjumper has completely changed our lives in the classroom!

How does it work?


Teachers can use our StoryStarter Workbook or their own creative writing lesson plans.

The StoryStarter workbook is designed to teach kids the 7-steps to developing a complete story arc in a fun and interactive way.

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Students can dive right in with our simple and powerful creator tool -- illustrating their books with just a few clicks using art from StoryJumper's library, or their own images

Click here to see a short video of the creator in action.


When their stories are complete, the class can order copies of their books at our specially discounted rate for schools.

Kids can also share them with friends and family online and order additional books, too.

Click here to see some sample books.

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