Write-a-thon Fundraiser

+ Fundraising = Write-a-thon

Family/friends sponsor students for publishing a book

More educational than traditional fundraisers

  • Students publish their own books using StoryJumper with teacher/mentor guidance
  • Students are motivated to do their best work because their sponsors receive a digital copy of their book at the end of a Write-a-thon
  • Student books can be automatically translated and read in 40+ languages with 1-click
  • Parents get to see their children's beautiful work and encourage them

Raise More Money

How much money could you raise running a Write-a-thon?
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Less Work

  • All sponsorship payments are handled on StoryJumper.com. Students don't handle any money.
  • StoryJumper provides everything you need to run a Write-a-thon from ONE website
  • One person can setup the entire Write-a-thon. Teachers do their normal lesson plan.
Write-a-thons are the most educational way to raise more money with less work

How to Run a Write-a-thon Fundraiser


  • If you don't have a StoryJumper account, click "Sign Up" at the top of this page. Be sure to indicate that you're a "Teacher" and follow the guided tour.
  • Click Home and then Create a Write-athon from your home page. Fill out the form. A typical Write-a-thon may run for 1-2 months, depending on computer availability at school and home.
  • A few weeks before the Write-a-thon starts, an administrator/teacher/parent sets up StoryJumper accounts for teachers and students.
  • Write-a-thon leaders may identify additional school incentives (e.g. special school privileges) that could be offered to motivate students to sign up more sponsors. These leaders promote the Write-a-thon and send out instructions to teachers, students, and parents.
  • With parental help, students start to encourage family/friends anywhere in the world to go to their personal Write-a-thon web page and sponsor them.
  • Teachers create their lesson plan.


  • Students start writing their StoryJumper books at school and home.
  • Using our fundraising tools, students continue to encourage family/friends to sponsor them.
  • Administrators/teachers review their Write-a-thon dashboards to monitor progress.


  • After the Write-a-thon is finished, all rewards are distributed:
  • * 90% of total funds received go to the school. The school uses at least 15% of funds to purchase any StoryJumper books or a gift card (for future purchases). The balance is sent to the school as a check or wire transfer.
  • * 3% of funds covers transaction fees and 7% covers StoryJumper costs.
  • * Sponsors receive a digital copy of their sponsored student's book.
  • * Any additional school incentives (e.g. special privileges) are awarded to top fundraisers.
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