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  • The first book of Bryonyta and Mr Mouse's adventures in the big big forest. Here they are celebrating the festival of happiness and enter the big big race!
  • An easy to read young children's storybook about embracing two different Asian cultures (Korean and Taiwanese). Bilingual English, Korean and Mandarin. Introduces different Asian foods like noodles in black bean sauce, soup dumplings, kimchi and more! Fun to read and enjoy for all!(Age: birth-preschool to elementary school age children)
  • A children's book about treating others well.
  • Amelia is an angel, but she doesn't know it yet. Ever since she was a child she always wanted to fly. She lives in a small orphanage in Oregon. But when she grows wings and discovers her mother's not dead-- but alive.. Things get complicated.
  • Lisa is very excited to finally become a big sister! Her mommy and daddy welcome a new baby to their world. Lisa is happy because now she has the perfect family.
  • This book was inspired by my own potty training struggles with my son and perfect for children going through the potty training stage. This fun book will help them understand and feel better about going to the potty.
  • I wrote this story for my sons, Trenton and Parker, as a fun way to help them feel a little less scared at night time.
  • A bedtime story about the animals at the zoo after the sun starts to set. The rhyme was written by an expectant father for his unborn baby daughter.
  • this book has help my son with autism go to sleep .
    i hope it helps other people too
  • This book is a list of safety tips provided by professional dog trainer, Dave McMahon. While the book was written for children, the tips are applicable to people of all ages. There are some excellent pictures provided by Illustrator, Stacey Fox that show what to do and not do around dogs. This book is always a fundraiser for a local organization called Niagara Dog Rescue. There are links in the book providing more information about Dave, Stacey, and how you can help the dog rescue.
  • Hope's Magic Sparkles is our second book in our Hope the Optimist Bear collection. Our first book was published last spring called Hope the Optimist Bear. This is our second book and bear we will be delivering to local hospitals for pediatric patients. The main character in this years book "Christopher" was based on a little boy who actually received last years Hope the Optimist Bear book and Hope Bear. Please know it was made with love and our students are always so proud to see that their hard work will touch the lives of so many sick children.
  • Hope the Optimist Bear was created by the Junior Optimist Organization. It is a bear we deliver to local hospitals with a story book written about her. We do a school wide competition for a story about Hope. This story is to help the children in the hospital feel better and leaves them with a snuggly friend for the rest of their stay and beyond.
  • About a girl who gets wings.
  • This is a non-fiction fourth grade level book about our rescued Chocolate Lab, Cappie. It encompasses only her first year. Due to limits in pages this is a shortened version of the original manuscript. Enjoy!
  • A classical style fairy tale full of romance and triumph of good over evil.
  • A fun message to adults told from a childs perspective.
  • How a lonely dog named "Highway" finds a safe,loving home. (Based on a true story)
  • A patriotic fun loving family of pups.
  • Set sail on a journey with Michael the Pirate and his magical pirate ship The Flying Dragon. Explore the galaxy and help Michael find treasure!
  • This book is for children who may suffer from low self-esteem, behavior issues, and those who always feel discouraged. Sometimes all people need is ENCOURAGEMENT! Parents/teachers, be sure to always encourage your children/students, and tell them that if they work hard and have faith in themselves, they can accomplish great things in life. Take the time to ENCOURAGE someone today!
  • When Lamby discovers his new home in New York with his shepherd Anna, she helps him find his new friend Stary after his house sets on fire. Find out what happens next when you read this book. *Try to find a lock and star on each page of this 15 page story.
  • A sweeter version of "Hansel and Gretel".
  • You may not realize the value of something until you have lost it.
  • The third and final volume of the Quest of the Diamonds, will Kaiker's quest be a success? It all came down to the final showdown, Kaiker vs. Lloyd!
  • The second volume in the quest of the diamonds, will Kaiker and his group of ninjas make it out of the Peobet desert, and make it out alive? What dangers will come next?
  • A long time ago there were five diamonds. Together they would give an immense amount of power. They were owned by a man named Anthony Haofy, who used his power for the good. But then, a villain named Lloyd Awknee stole the diamonds. His plot was to use the diamonds to take over the entire Universe up Durids. Now, it's up to a small group of ninjas to retrieve them and defeat Lloyd Awknee. But it will be almost impossible to make it out alive...
  • This was made by a 6 year old.
  • What happens to food after it is swallowed by a dog?
  • A dog writes in his diary about a new addition to the household....a cat.
  • i worked super hard in this book give my book a like or star or whatever u call it.
  • Just say no to smoking. Not worth the peer pressure.
  • I hope you like my book. Let's accept others even if we are different colors.
  • A ferocious dragon guards a precious crystal until some heroic scientists befriend him and go on a journey to bring the crystal home.
  • This is a story about a girl who starts of to be unlucky...but something amazing happens.