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  • Bethany loved her new dream catcher. She loved to sleep and dream beautiful dreams. Bad dreams were making her feel tired and sad. She had hoped the dream catcher would work its magic.
  • Lucas loved all kinds of animals big or small. He was not prepared to face what lie on the other side of the deep dark green forest.
  • No matter how far away Nanny Kim's grandbabies lived she was willing to make her surprise visits and put smiles on everyone's face.
  • Many of the holidays throughout the year bring out the very best in each and every one of us. For one day love can be so powerful that we smile until we all meet again. Smile
  • Friendship is a wonderful thing to have. Spike and Gerry will have wonderful times with each other. Some day they hope to make more friends and share all there is to share.
  • Christmas is as wonderful as we make it. Celebration and lots of togetherness. Don't forget the love.
  • Papa was always changing his mustache. I love every way. I do love the little mustache the very best. When he kisses my cheek it always tickles.
  • Kindergarten is a wonderful start for the rest of every child's life. Kevin will attend his Kindergarten in one more sleep. He is truly excited.
  • Every man woman and child should cry if it is necessary because crying makes you feel better. Smile
  • Ailish's imagination can be one of the most wonderful things to share. You would love everything she has to share no matter if it is true or from her wonderful mind.
  • Caleb had two days to learn some French. He wanted to spend more time to learn more. Grade three will be filled with learning to speak all kinds of French.
  • The life on Red Rock Road was filled with endless excitement for all the families who lived there. The stories from days gone by are still fresh in the minds of us all. We were definitely country bumpkins.
  • Princess Jewels had happiness all around her. Now she and Corky can have all the cookies they wanted and never have to worry about cookie thieves.
  • Morgan is the most beautiful of all sparrows. She has flown to a place where the sky is blue and the water runs like music from a harp. smile
  • Wesley is a fine looking boy with big brown eyes. He is very attached to his yellow school bus. His favorite puppy Harley play together all day long. Wesley loses his yellow bus and every one gets in on the game of hide and seek. I hope he finds his favorite toy.
  • Zoe and Rachel loved to dress in pretty little clothes. There were times they could not seem to agree on the same outfit.
  • Ariel was a sick little girl but gets better over time. She meets a new friend named Grace. Grace and Ariel create a wonderful friendship. Life is filled with surprises.
  • There is a whole lot of love in every child's heart and Cyerrah's heart was overflowing.
  • Who wants a Tea Party! I do! I do!
  • Prince Mark was able to have the very special pet he had always wanted. The only thing he had to remember was to take very good care of his pet forever.
  • Everyone loves a party. Sometimes you just have to experience a great food fight. Laughter is good for the soul.
  • Penelope Anne loved her name so much but today she decided that she wanted the biggest name in her class.
  • Jack is a little boy who always wanted to have a sleepover. He heard about other children having them and thought it would be so much fun.
  • I think Shadow makes a wonderful pet friend for Petula.
  • I have been babysitting little Sophia since she was born. She makes me laugh with everything she does in her day. She has an amazing imagination and I enjoy being part of it. Smile my wee one.
  • No matter if we have one mommy and one daddy or even two daddies or two mommies as long as there is plenty of love to go around.
  • Tara Lynn will always remember the five secret words 'a pinch and a sting'. Everything is okay when she gets a needle.
  • Sarah has lost her first tooth. I bet you cannot guess where the tooth goes after leaving it under her pillow.
  • It is a warm feeling to give to others. Setta and James felt so good inside. Maybe next year they will donate more items they will not use.
  • A hug is better than any kind of medicine. Chummy had the best job in the world. If I ever needed a hug I would certainly call on Chummy the Hugga' Bear.
  • Simon did not have to worry about getting new glasses. Everyone loved them.
  • Bubble gum can be so much fun.
  • We can be whoever we want to be. Jack wants to be doctor taking care of animals. Sophia wants to be a cow girl. I want to be happy.
  • Charyn and Amdal have been friends for many years. There is hardly a day that goes by that they do not use their imagination. It can be so much fun. Maybe you should try it and imagine something awesome. Then share your imagination with your friends.
  • Elijah the wooden crane loved all the gifts of colour from his friends. Howie the owl gave him the best gift of all.
  • Dinosaurs, bears and even ants are really strong. A nice poem about being strong. Leo can do a whole lot of things.
  • The Wilson Family had very caring hearts for the animals of their forest.
  • Be kind to everyone. There will always be a story behind the unhappiness in others. Be happy and the world will resonate from your radiant heart.
  • This is a book where a child can sit for a long time searching for the hidden objects. It is full of colour and imagination. I hope all the children truly enjoy this book
  • Hi I am Rufus the Teddy Bear. I am going on vacation with my aunties. I have 7 books filled with pictures and lots of words to read. This is book 1. I hope you enjoy them.
  • Peek-a-Boo the Mouse became a real family pet. Now the family will never be scared of the mouse again.
  • Easter holidays are filled with exactly what people need and that is love and happiness.
  • There is nothing more wonderful than Bella Fairy Love
  • Benny felt really great when his room was neat and tidy.
  • Rebekah is a young girl with the imagination of many her age. There is so much to explore. She has a favourite tree that makes her truly smile.
  • Flower Girls is a gentle and interesting book. There is a mystery that will keep a child thinking.
  • Pirates fail to see the true magic in a treasure chest.
  • With faith, hope and love a family will be destined to be together forever.
  • It is great to imagine what it is like to be anywhere in the past. In the end it is always nice to be here at home.
  • Brandon loves to solve all kinds of mysteries. I wonder if he can solve the Mystery of The Hidden Vegetables.
  • Shane and Melissa loved the bubble play just as much as jumping on the trampoline. They were never bored with so many things Charyn planned for them to do.
  • Two young children meet at school. Jack loses a pet and his new friend named Molly helps him feel better.
  • Kathy, Billy and Susie are like many children. They love to shop at the store with their own money.
  • This is book 2 of 'Rufus Goes On Vacation. Do you think the pictures are really cool?
  • HI. This is book 3 of Rufus goes on Vacation. The pictures are so pretty and interesting to look at. Do you like the books so far?
  • This is book 4 of Rufus Goes on Vacation. It has so many pictures to see. I hope you keep on enjoying reading too.
  • This is book 5 of Rufus Goes on Vacation. The vacation is loads of fun but it won't be long before we have to go back home.
  • This is book 6 of Rufus Goes on Vacation. I will say thank you now in case I forget to do it in Book 7 which is my last book. It was really fun going on vacation. I hope you share your vacation story so everyone can see how much fun you had. Smile
  • This is the last book of 7 books sharing 'Rufus Goes On Vacation'. Rufus has taken a nice long rest.

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  • this book is based on a boy whose master made him do a lot of last he decided not to suffer anymore from this torture ...he ran away
    i stop right here reader read this book and whatever u feel about this book ,,,,do comment pleasse