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Where students, parents, and teachers collaborate to publish their own storybooks - that outlive them and impact their communities for generations to come!
Become a
Published Author
StoryJumper helps you share the stories in your heart and mind - both with those around you and across the world.
Becoming a published author helps you make a real impact, leave a legacy, and share engaging stories people will love.
With StoryJumper, you transform your ideas into reality - in a lasting, impactful way!
Make a Lasting Impact on the World
Stories have been handed down for generations.
In fact, they’re one of the primary means of human communication and connection! Now, you can create your own lasting legacy with the stories you create by yourself or with others.
Capture your favorite stories for a lifetime and beyond, with your own custom-narrated hardcover books.
Tell Your Story In Multimedia Format
Once you've written out your story that’s just the beginning…
Inside your very own published book, you can add:
Custom imagery that you upload, which helps perfectly tell the story
Custom characters that you design to fit the story
Voice narration - maybe from you, a grandparent, or person you admire
Connect, Collaborate & Inspire Other Authors!
Tap into what makes you, you - using the power of story.
StoryJumper brings authors and readers together who mutually support and encourage each other to create amazing new books.
Multiple authors can come together to tell the most engaging and entertaining stories. Each author adds their own experiences, ideas, and input to make the stories as exciting and impactful as possible.
Upload your own published story to inspire others worldwide, on the infinite possibilities to create gripping, emotional, and impactful stories of their own!
students collaborating students collaborating
Read & Listen to Books From Around the World
Enjoy books shared by StoryJumper authors and connect with them through our massive library of public books!
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