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Foster Your Child’s Creativity, Imagination, and Reading & Writing Skills Via Storybooks
  • There’s no better way to boost your kid's confidence, inspire their creativity, and make them feel accomplished than publishing their own storybook to keep and share for generations.
  • Our process makes it easy.
  • Child authors come to feel prestige, confidence, and increased imaginative capabilities when they’re encouraged to bring the stories in their head to life.
  • And if you’d rather collaboratively write the story with them, you can do that, too.
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Write Storybooks With
OR For Your Kids
  • With StoryJumper, you can create your own custom stories with (or for!) your children!
  • Whether you want to write and hand down stories you’ve told them all their lives, or encourage and assist them to write their own, we help bring these tales to life.
  • Collaborate with other family members (like grandparents, siblings, or aunts/uncles), and even record their voices in your narration!
  • You can create custom characters that resemble the people your kids cherish, narrate them with their voices, and add custom backgrounds.
Families enjoying sharing StoryJumper books together
Your Child, The Future Published Author
  • StoryJumper is the best way to help your kids build writing skills and confidence, share their stories with their friends and family, and become published authors.
  • This becomes a family-engaging exercise, and something you cherish for generations to come - and even pass down to your kids’ kids when they grow up!
Children Published Authors holding their books
Help Your Children Make a Lasting Impact
  • Help your children build their own legacy, by writing (or helping them write) their own storybook.
  • With our multimedia formats, your children can write, illustrate, design, and even narrate their books with their own voice!
  • You can document and preserve your family legacy through stories that live on throughout generations.
  • Get started now by clicking below:
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