Create a brighter future for your students, one storybook at a time...
Make Writing Easier and Less Stressful
Save time
  • Leverage our lesson plans and writing projects
  • Use template books to help students finish their books sooner
  • Google Classroom integration makes getting started easier
custom props and characters from StoryJumper
custom props and characters from StoryJumper
Engage students with creative multimedia options
  • Use our art OR yours!
  • Design your own custom characters
  • Add your voice narration at any time
Excite students with a purpose
  • Become a Published Author
  • Earn Royalties
  • Fundraise for your school
polaroids of kids holding StoryJumper books
Make Reading & Writing Fun Again!
  • StoryJumper makes you the “cool/fun” teacher, who gives out assignments that don’t even feel like work.
  • Students love creating their own StoryJumper books, especially in a collaborative setting, where their peers are doing the same.
  • When they share their stories and illustrations, custom characters, and creative books, students feel like they’re doing it for themselves and each other - not just “another boring homework assignment” from the teacher.
school children holding StoryJumper books they created in picture frames
Inspire Confidence & Writing Skills In Your Future Student Published Authors
  • Students will remember you for the rest of their lives, by the contributions you make in your classroom.
  • StoryJumper is the perfect way to help your students build confidence in their writing abilities, share their stories with friends and family, and become published authors.
  • Parents will be proud of their students’ published books as memorable keepsakes!
great classroom results from using StoryJumper
Your Students Will Be Excited to Create Their Legacies
  • Help your students build their legacies when they publish their own hardcover storybooks that can go into your class library or school library.
  • Future students will be inspired by what your students have published.
  • Years later, your students can take their book off the bookshelf, scan the QR code, and listen to their younger self narrating the book as they turn the pages.
girl reading book in library
Help Your Students Connect and Collaborate With Their Peers
  • Multiple students can collaborate on a book simultaneously
  • Peer review & supportive feedback
  • Cross-cultural exchange
* Collaboration is optional. Student books are private by default.
kids collaborating on StoryJumper
Your Students Can Even Earn Royalties On Their Published Books
  • Through our unique royalty model, your students can benefit long-term from the books they create.
  • Royalties are calculated as % net sales of shipped and delivered books.
  • This means every time their approved book is ordered and shipped to a buyer, they earn a cut of the sale price!
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