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  • Fiona Tamminga

    3rd - 6th grade
    School of Isolated and Distant Education
    Leederville, Australia
    "After realising that there are very few accessible modern Indonesian texts for students to read, especially ones which relate to my students' personal lives and circumstances, I decided to write a number of bilingual books in English and Bahasa Indonesian with an Australian context. Students can identify with the characters and their lifestyle. Having the dual languages enables both Australian and Indonesian children to see Australia through the eyes of the children and characters in the books and encourages reading and translation, as well."
  • Ysanna John

    7th - 9th Grade
    British Virgin Islands Seventh-Day Adventist School
    Road Town, British Virgin Islands
    "I use StoryJumper to enhance my students' communication and technological skills in the classroom. Students have completed one Write-a-thon fundraiser and are currently doing another. This current project is a school community project, in which students create books that will be used in the Primary Division of our school. Our school boasts 17 published authors on StoryJumper, and it is my aim to see more young authors develop their skills in the Language Arts. I currently have written three books on this platform, and am working on a series of five books to be published by the end of the school year. I believe that students excel when encouraged to do so."
  • Pedro Trivella

    K - 3rd grade ESL/Bilingual
    Thurgood Marshall Elementary School
    Asbury Park, United States
    "I use StoryJumper to increase my students’ writing efficacy. StoryJumper has enabled my English Learners to internalize the unique and valuable contributions that they possess by realizing that each one of them has a story to share and a contribution to make. Engaging my English Learners in embracing their "GLOCAL" mission (thinking globally and acting locally) has strengthened their identity in their new American society. Documenting the impact that their actions have on their local community has been pivotal in fostering their ownership and confidence in their writing growth."
  • Stephanie Kish

    Grade 5
    Lawrence Grassi Middle School
    Canmore, Canada
    "My grade 5 students and their daycare buddies created 23 picture story books that our public library added to their book collection. Through the library these books are accessible to our entire community to enjoy. The grade 5 students wrote the stories, the daycare students created the illustrations, and the grade 8 students (from our school) edited the books. This was a highly collaborative project that included many different parts of our community. We were fortunate to get a grant from the local Rotary Club to have our books printed as well. We started this project prior to Covid-19 and continued working on it through distance learning. StoryJumper's platform made it possible for us to continue the collaboration on our books even when we couldn't be together in person. Everyone involved with this project is incredibly happy with how the books turned out and they are now available for others to appreciate as well at our local library! "
  • Ruth Valle

    11th-12th grade
    Sequoyah High School
    Madisonville, United States
    "I will use StoryJumper as our class project next school year in my German and French classes. My students will have to write their books in the target languages and illustrate their books. I am hoping that many will decide to buy their books. At the end of the school year I will give an award to the student with the best book."
  • Andrea Topash-Rios

    University/Preschool partnership
    University of Notre Dame
    Notre Dame, IN
    "I teach a Community-Based Spanish course at Notre Dame. In this fifth semester course, my students are strong readers and writers, but are continuing to build their second-language skills with emphasis on vocabulary acquisition. At the same time, preschoolers at El Campito Child Development Center are getting ready for kindergarten and developing their skills as pre-readers. In pairs or small groups, my students and their preschool buddies meet every week to enjoy reading (in Spanish and English). As they journey together, the buddies co-author their own storybooks using StoryJumper's tools."
  • Alethea Maldonado

    9th - 12th grade
    Cedar Creek High School
    Cedar Creek, Texas, Texas
    "My students and I used StoryJumper to write children's books. All of my students are immigrants to the United States, and most of them wrote about their home country and the culture that they celebrate and love. I even had some students write poetically about the topic of music. After publishing our books, their children's books were on display at a cultural center's art space that was celebrating Dia de los Muertos. In addition, our class created an altar that displayed their books. The event was a publicly-held event in which hundreds of people viewed their altar and read their books. Their books were also on display after the event, so passing visitors to the cultural center could stop by and view their creations. This year, I was able to take my students with me to the event as a field trip, and they were able to celebrate their hard work and witness firsthand the audience who was reading their books. My students were proud to write and publish a book for the very first time. "
  • Angie Cynova, Michele Sterrett, Becky Payne

    7th - 8th grade
    Fulbright Junior High School
    Bentonville, Arkansas
    "Collaboration is key! We are a team of a SPED teacher, Library Media Specialist, and Speech Pathologist. Our 7th and 8th grade students created "Buddies" with kindergarten students across the street while reading and writing with them. These activities gave them an opportunity to practice communication skills in a natural setting. StoryJumper provided an easy-to-use format for a project that provided an opportunity for students to hone their skills creatively. They were so proud of their final product when they donated their hardback StoryJumper books (dedicated to their "Buddies") to the elementary school library. The kindergarten teachers and students were over the moon with the books, and after displaying them in the teacher workroom, there was so much excitement for the work of these struggling students. Kudos to StoryJumper for being so supportive and easy to work with. They helped make our dream come true!"
  • Jennifer Krom

    3rd Grade
    Horizons on the Hudson IB World School
    Newburgh, New York
    "Using transdiciplinary curriculum throughout IB Units of Inquiry in combination with Common Core Learning Standards, my students become published authors after integrating technology through StoryJumper's easy-to-use website. We incorporate the skills that I have taught them to make characters come alive with personification and dialogue. They are able to use Visible Thinking Strategies through StoryJumper's tools and upload images to add details to their settings. When their books are printed, we'll create invitations, programs, and presentations for parents to experience the end result of this project that students love to dedicate themselves to. "
  • Richard Smith

    K - 5th grade
    Burchett Elementary
    Spring, Texas
    "I used StoryJumper as a creative way to promote literacy in my school. The students loved being able to make their stories come to life. Once they saw how easy it was to create the characters and scenes, they couldn't wait to get started. I was fortunate enough to have 10 books published and the parents were amazed that their students were now published authors."
  • Evelyn Abrams

    1st - 5th grade
    Stevens Brook Elementary
    Bridgton, Maine
    "I was asked to offer an after school program to promote literacy and math skills. I came up with the idea to have students create their own fairy tale. I had them paint their own illustrations rather than use the provided props. The first year I had five students sign up and this year I had fifteen students sign up. The kids were very excited about this program and were thrilled when we had our StoryJumper book signing and presentation night. Their families were very impressed with what their children had done. StoryJumper is such a great program. It not only reinforces literacy skills but also builds confidence in students. One grandparent told me at the book signing, 'My grandson told me he was writing and illustrating a book. I didn't believe him, but wow, he did it! He wrote a book!"
  • Janel Paquin

    High School French
    Rogers High School
    Newport, Rhode Island
    "We were awarded a grant from the Newport Public Education Foundation to create bilingual children's books in honor of the replica of the ship, the Hermione, on which Lafayette came to the United States and collaborated with George Washington. The books are part of a virtual exchange with le Lycée de l'Harteloire in Brest, France. A set of books will be sent to the school in France and a set will be divided between our school and our public library."
  • Cody Huseby

    3rd grade
    Father Henri Voisin School
    Red Deer, Canada
    "My students wrote their fictional narratives using StoryJumper. They loved the illustration feature and the fact that they could include themselves in the story. We synced it up with Google Drive and many of the students completed their own illustrations or had their classmates take pictures of them to use in their story. The parent feedback was very positive. My students loved their StoryJumper books as keepsakes and got to show it off to the rest of their family."
  • Amy Barnard

    4th grade
    Arcola Elementary School
    Silver Spring, Maryland
    "My students wrote historical fictions that took place during the colonial times. My students researched the time period and wrote many drafts to perfect their stories. Being able to publish their work into REAL books through StoryJumper was very exciting. My students were very proud of their work and they were thrilled to share their books with their peers and their families. The Write-a-thon was a great way to raise the money needed to purchase the books. Thank you StoryJumper!"
  • Cheryl Henderson

    9th - 12th grade
    Rock Hill High School
    Rock Hill, South Carolina
    "I teach high school students with low reading scores. I decided an engaging way for them to learn story elements was to have them read popular children's books and then write their own book using story elements. It took almost a month to complete this unit. Students had to include at least three literary devices like metaphor, simile, irony, etc. Students found creating books on StoryJumper to be fairly easy. They enjoyed being able to put themselves in their books. The students were especially proud of themselves when they got their finished paperback books. One student in particular, a fully deaf student in my class, was able to tell his story of what being deaf is like. He has become quite popular in our community and has used his book to show other students what his life is like. Because of the quality of the paperback books, several of the schools in our district have purchased copies of his book."
  • Barbara Silva

    5th grade
    Crescent School
    Joyce, Washington
    "We successfully ran a StoryJumper Write-a-thon fundraiser, which more than covered the cost of publishing the fictional stories that my students wrote on StoryJumper. They were so proud to show off their books when they arrived!"
  • Emma Gillespie

    3rd grade
    Potter Road Elementary
    Framingham, Massachusetts
    "I use StoryJumper every year to publish student poetry anthologies. The students publish one poem every two weeks and use graphics saved from web searches and clip art to enhance their books. After doing this project for several years, I found that it is most effective to send a flyer and collect the money from families to order the hardcover anthologies yourself. At the end of the year we share one favorite poem at our annual Poet's Tea. The students, administration, and families all LOVE this project and its end result."
  • Kristen Orsini

    Middle School French/Spanish
    The Westminster Schools
    Atlanta, Georgia
    "My Spanish classes use StoryJumper to co-author bilingual children's books with ESOL students at a local elementary school. Then the students donate the books to a bilingual library in Atlanta. My students have a choice of what site to use, and most choose StoryJumper for the wide variety of provided images, as well as the ability to upload their own images. The hardcover books are a high quality product which some other bookmaking websites don't offer."
  • Jennifer Wherry

    8th grade ELA
    Canonsburg Middle School
    Canonsburg, Pennsylvania
    "My students and I completed a service learning project in conjunction with our local library. My students wrote and illustrated their own children's books, and StoryJumper brought their books to life! My students were able to draw their own illustrations, and upload them to StoryJumper's easy-to-use website. Once we received our books, my students and I were in awe of how great they looked! The kids at the library, to whom my students read their books, loved them too! This was a wonderful experience for my students, and we couldn't have done it without StoryJumper!"
  • Sarie Buchalter

    3rd - 4th grade
    The Weiss School
    Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
    "My 3rd and 4th graders wrote beautiful storybooks inspired by Doreen Cronin's 'Diary of a Worm', 'Diary of a Spider', and 'Diary of a Fly.' Using her books as a model showed the children how a professional author used human characteristics to bring animal characters to life. The children then chose their own animals for which to write diaries, and drew beautiful illustrations to accompany their writing."
  • Sheena Clark

    9th - 12th grade
    Starkweather Academy
    Plymouth, Michigan
    "My students wrote children's books for our composition class. Each student was asked to write a book with a "life lesson" that was important for younger generations to learn. Our project was funded by a grant and our local library hosted a "Meet the Authors" Night, where students presented digital copies of their books to parents and community members. Our local newspaper wrote a story about the event. Students and parents were so happy with the finished products. We purchased physical copies of the books and donated them to local day care centers and libraries. StoryJumper was perfect for my alternative education students. It was easy to use and students liked the option of uploading their own pictures. We absolutely love the quality of the books. No other website was able to provide this easy-to-use format and great pricing. We have procured funding to continue this project in the future and will continue to use StoryJumper."
  • Sheryl Grimaldi

    Kindergarten - 8th grade
    The Weiss School
    Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
    "This year each student from Kindergarten through 8th grade published a book. We hosted an Author's Day where each of our classrooms shared their published work with parents and grandparents. The event was extremely successful. We had parents in tears as their child shared their book with them. Parents begged us to do this each year. We plan on making this an annual event. StoryJumper was extremely easy to use. Anytime we had any questions we dropped a quick email off to Storyjumper and received a quick response. We would highly recommend this to anyone interested in publishing their own book. We plan on using StoryJumper for years to come."
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