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Please visit this page and enter your user name. We'll send an email to you with a password reset link.
Please visit this page and enter your user name. We'll send you an email with your User Name.
Please read the instructions here: After reading the instructions, if you have questions about the instructions, please select "Other" form the drop down and enter them in the form.
For privacy purposes, the StoryJumper system checks the network to verify that the teacher's computer is on the same network as the students. Sometimes these get out of synch (e.g. the class machines are re-started). To fix this, from your teacher's account, click on "my classes" and then 'stop' followed by 'start' next to the class name. Make sure the teacher's machine is in the same environment as the student's machines (i.e. classroom or computer lab).
If your child is using StoryJumper at school, s/he will receive a printed handout from the teacher with instructions for creating both Parent and Child Home Accounts. These are on the second half of the handout. After creating both Parent and Child accounts, per the instructions, your child will be able to access and edit his/her story at home.
This means you are still logged-in with the parent account. Log-out and then log-in again with your child's home account information.
Please make sure you have followed the step-by-step instructions carefully on the handout your child received in class. If, after following these steps, you are unable to access, select "Other Questions" from the menu above and enter with as much detail as possible where you are running into trouble.
For public books or books that you have written, you can find code to embed the story on your web site by clicking on the share button.
To share a story, COPPA compliancy requires that the account holder is 13 years of age or older. Accounts below the age of 13 cannot be shared digitally. As such, the share button will *not* appear for these accounts.
StoryJumper does not support a "print at home" option. You are welcome to print your stories from your internet browser's print function, but results may vary widely.
Click here to contact our support team.