My Public Books

  • This is just a book about me its pretty short...
  • Give me ideas of what book to make next!
  • Zizi and Silva go to the beach and have some fun
  • Zoe: Me and my cousin made this book together. I did most of the pages though, and edited the pages he did to improve them
  • A book about being Original
  • I made a song at the end of the story. Its pretty funny
  • This is about the affects of social media addiction.

    Also this account is my second account of Zoe Tchoufong since I cant make books on my phone.



    If you want to join my comic called ¨Hero Academy¨ these are the directions to join!

    I need more characters from different users in Story jumper in order to make the book.

    When you're finished with the sign up I will view it.

    The story is about young Heroes who try to become the best heroes they can and they were all born with their own power. In the story some students get along some don't but that's only depending on your character traits that you put on your sign up. Also there's romance in this book but don't worry there's no kissing. What your character only be engaged with someone unless you put your character is engaged with under romanceable. Also if too much people want to have a relationship with another character I'm going to have to leave some out how's the romance because it's just going to turn into a romance book instead of just a action book. No characters in the book killed because then it wouldn't be kid friendly.

    Also once you start to look at the book when it's released you'll realize that your character is in a totally different art style which is my art style. My drawings aren't so good but I'm pretty good at drawing eyes, heads, and the rest of the body except hands. Hands are really hard to draw super hard to draw in fact. Also I might have my sister help me with the background she's pretty good at scenery.

    If you need help with the sign up just ask me. I would say this book would maybe be rated 10 and up but I'm just going to make it for everyone.

    Also joining this book could be a great opportunity to be noticed more in the storyjumper community. At the end of the book I will always give the credits and your name will be in it. I will also give the credits in the description.

    Also if you already did the sign up please share it to others like your friends because I really need help getting people to join.
  • If you learn how to draw this art style of mine do not go posting it all over social media pretending like it's yours. Besides I already have my art on Google. At least I think so... Also since I now have a Facebook account I might even post it on there too so don't try it.

    I'm not so sure about the Hero Academy thing I'm not really getting much sign ups from people So I might not make. I was hoping to get lots of sign ups from people.

    If you're reading this right now it would be a lot of help if you could maybe ask some people if they would like to join the Hero Academy series. In fact even tell them that it might even be the best story on story jumper yet.

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