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  • The sequel to Night Rising! The Turtles are going on a vacation to Hawaii! But their excitement quickly turns to dread as they realize that a deadly sea monster, the Tsucrama, is haunting the peaceful shores of Hawaii!
    Please enjoy the book! Leave a like if you do! ^.^
  • Shoutouts to EVERYONE, not just the people mentioned in this book! Thank you!
  • Hi everyone! This book has a list of all the books I'm currently working on, and their summaries! Thanks for reading, I hope you are all having an amazing day!! =D
  • This book is about my best friend Valerie who recently joined Storyjumper! Click on this book to learn how to support her amazing books!!
  • This is a FANFICTION Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles story with my original character named Robin in it! This story takes place after the events of TMNT: Mutant Mayhem. It's the new TMNT movie that just came out. Please enjoy the story! It's pretty long, lol. Give it a like if you like it! <3
  • A fanfiction Warrior Cats book. It focuses on the life of a she-cat named Hollyfern, who is full of vengeance and guilt. Will she get over it and save her clan, FireClan, from Stormclan's rising threats? Or will she get sent to the Dark Forest.. even thought she's really an innocent cat deep down inside who was meant to get sent to Starclan? Recommended for 10 years and up! :3
  • This is a kid's book about a sheep who doesn't have a tail. She asks other animals on the farm if they have tails, but soon, Sheep figures out that you don't need to be the same as everyone else to be happy. Hope you enjoy! =3
  • Read this book if you like memes and if you like Wings of Fire! Don't forget to check out all the other books I have made! Thanks :3
  • This is the first book that I wrote on StoryJumper! This is a book about a young guinea pig, Tiny, who is celebrating her birthday! It's made for easy readers, or anyone looking for a good book. Thanks so much if you read it! It helps me out a lot. :3
  • This is a guide to Skygon, the world where the Dark Vision Series took place. Please enjoy reading, and thanks for all the likes, comments, and support. :D
  • This is the 3rd book in the Tiny series! I hope you like it. You definitely will if you like cake and guinea pigs haha. Have a great time reading it! Wheek!
  • This is a fun Dark Vision Series quiz for you to do! If you haven't read the Dark Vision Series yet, I recommend doing so before you take this quiz. Please enjoy, and don't forget to check out my other books! =3
  • The 2nd book in the Dark Vision Series! Nexis must find the New Moon Woodlands if she wishes to get Maplewhisper's help, but in order to get to the Woodlands, she has to pass through Grim Rock Woods. Will an old legend Direfang told her come to life and start to haunt her? Or will Nexis find the New Moon Woodlands and escape the Lost Stalkers? Read to find out!
  • This is a contest for my most successful series: The Dark Vision Series! Please enjoy reading it, and I hope to see all of you guys's Skygon Characters in the books you make for the contest!! =3
  • The 4th book in the Dark Vision series! Nexis and Echo set off on a quest to find the Artifact that will save all of Skygon! But will Dragarha finally put an end to the prophecy Nexis must fulfill? Please enjoy!! :3
  • The third book in the Dark Vision series! It's going to be slightly longer than normal, but please enjoy!! Nexis and her friends face a horrible destruction from Dragarha, and Nexis needs to find the Artifact and fix the world of Skygon before it's too late!
  • What will happen when an unforeseen prophecy gets told? A young wolf named Nexis must find an ancient Artifact and save New Moon Woodlands from a terrible fate! This is the 1st book in the Dark Vision series, and it's based off of wolf fantasy. Enjoy!
  • Please enjoy the final book of the Dark Vision Series! It's quite epic,if I do say so myself, and I really hope you love it =3
  • The results to the Dark Vision Contest. Thank you everyone!
  • The second book in the Tiny series puts Tiny in a troubling situation! Someone has stolen her carrots! Will Tiny find her carrots? Maybe she will, but you'll have to read to find out! Made for easy readers or anyone looking for a good book.

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