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  • A man and his dog go on a space mission together, facing challenges and bonding along the way.
  • It's your good old friends, Blacknice and Redness! Unlike last time, it is our old mortal (or immortal) enemies. They've escaped the prisoning universe and are threatening to destroy this universe and create a new universe where they are control, and we are in their prisoning universe. We have a war to see who will keep or destroy the universe, but who will win?
  • Once a fish lived in the water.
  • A collection of the mystery series, The mysteries of Cash Hecton.
  • Tom Hecton has escaped from his cell from Cash Hecton's house, and is looking to destroy the universe! It looks like he has gotten the Invincible Enchantment which will make him unbeatable except for one weapon. There's this secret to Tom Hecton, will the detective find it out? There are so many henchmen of Tom Hecton that want to destroy Cash Hecton, will he manage to get away? Will he save the universe in this grand finale, before all is lost?
  • After the release of a new robot from a company that's on watch by the police, a detective named Cash Hecton notices that all the police are missing! He tries to find one of the 15 robots that were released, but can Hecton find out who did it? Can he stop the mass production of those robots that could send everyone missing? Can he find the police, before it's too late?
  • After two of MINECRAFT'S super experienced players destroy the Ender Dragon, they think that they want another adventure: go to the nether, find netherite, and destroy the most powerful of all boss mobs: the Wither! Join them on this crazy adventure for a story of a life time!
  • In this book, you will learn about tornadoes, how they form and the best habits to practice if you see one.
  • Once there were chickens in a chicken farm that didn't like to be in a chicken farm, so they tried to escape!
  • Two MINECRAFT super experienced players have not done one thing yet: go to The End and destroy the Ender Dragon! Join these two players on their journey to The End on their impossible quest! But can they slay the beast?
  • Mr. Kirtus, Mrs. Katerson, Violet, John and the triplets (Violet Jr., Kate and Katie) are volunteering to go into space when they are captured by their worst enemies! They are going to throw them into the black hole! Mr. Kirtus, Mrs. Katerson, Violet, John and the triplets need to make a plan to escape! Can they form the plan? Can they escape before it's too late? If you want to find out, then read on!
  • In 1623, siblings went on a vacation in the woods in a seriously run down shack and they keep finding more bad stuff about the shack.
  • When Blacknice and Redness are watching the morning news, someone appears on the screen saying that he is The Universe Destroyer and he will come to their universe at the solar eclipse! Join Blacknice and Redness in this epic adventure to save the universe in this action and comedy packed book and in the final battle, will they win or loose?
  • In this book, you will learn about four really weird but true facts that will blow your mind.
  • Once there was a dog that went to space. In this super funny book, a dog will go to space and have a little adventure.
  • Hello! My name is General Ender, and I lead an army in The End. We defend The End and most of all the Ender Dragon! Join me on me and my army's crazy adventures, and look into an enderman's life.
  • When the criminal, Tom Hecton escapes from jail, the detective named Cash Hecton goes after to find him. He notices that the criminal has plans for a mind-control machine, and Cash Hecton tries to stop him with his robotic assistant. But can the detective stop his robot from going back to his criminal ways? Can the detective stop the machine from taking control of himself? Can the detective stop the machine, before the world plummets into darkness?
  • Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a alien? Well here's your answer! When the most evil alien in the universe decides to take over the planet, the PPS (Planet Protection Squad) is there to make the planet the most wonderful place in the universe and destroy the evil king!
  • A family of crabs meets a crab from a different island and the crab tells them about his island so they go visit there.
  • These caterpillars are the most cute bugs in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hi! My name is Cole Castillo, and this is my story of traveling the universe! Join me on strange worlds, new galaxies, new civilizations, and more!
  • In this book you will learn a lot about super habitable planets. If you are interested in space or are trying to write an essay about exoplanets, I suggest reading this because it it very helpful and fun to read.
  • Mr. Kirtus, Violet, John, Mrs. Katerson and the triplets (Violet Jr., Kate and Katie) are captured my Mr. Kurtis's worst enemy: Mr. Colloweyney. When Mr. Colloweyney is planning on destroying all of the universe, the milky way galaxy first, they are confronted by guards, evil robots and Mr. Colloweyney himself. Can Mr. Kirtus and all of his friends stop Mr. Colloweyney? Can they stop him before it's too late? Well, if you want to find out, then read on!
  • Mr. Kirtus is trying to make a time machine, and after being teleported forty thousand years ago, when he comes home, the notorious space society steals his work and kidnaps one of his best friends. Can he prove to the police that they are guilty? Can he get his best friend back? Can he stop the space society before it is too late? Well, if you want to find out, then read on!
  • Mr. Kirtus, Violet, Mrs. Katerson, John and the triplets are going into space when they head into a black hole and are teleported to another universe! There are different stars including pink, green and purple stars! But, when they are teleported there, they get stuck in that universe! And the universe is ending! Can Mr. Kirtus, Violet, Mrs. Katerson, John and the triplets build a space machine in time? Can they get out of the universe before it is too late? If you want to find out, then read on!
  • Once a couple were in a place called MAGIC LAND to get some fairy dust but got lost! Come and see where they end up!
  • This book will discuss how you properly care for and release a monarch butterfly.
  • This is a totorial about how to raise monarch caterpillars, so that you can help the monarch population.
  • Once there was a super-cute caterpillar that really wanted to turn into a butterfly.
  • This book is about a non-real hurricane, that was intenesly bad. However, if you live in a hurricane-prone area, this book contains light useful information about how to prepare against a hurricane. Plus, there's some good information about how to help planet earth. Please read this book
  • This book is made to make people aware of 20 classic myths and make people stop believing.
  • Hello! I'm a space explorer, and join me, as I embark on a funny, and action pact adventure in the world's best space book!
  • This book will teach people how to raise monarch caterpillars in the number #1 best book to help you raise monarchs! Storyjumper if you get any money from this book, please donate it to monarch conservations.
  • Once there was a lonely frog at the pond, but it finally found another frog to hang out with.
  • This book has super adorable pictures of monarch caterpillars! In the best picture book EVER!
  • Once there was a caterpillar, that liked being a caterpillar, and was very hungry, and very cute.
  • This book will tell you about a planet type that is even more habitable then earth.
  • Once there was a cemetery so creepy barely anybody went there. But this book will also probably make you laugh in this horror and comedy book that will probably make you laugh at your fears.

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