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  • Mario goes through the classic stage known as 1-1 from the original Super Mario Brothers. This is in the Super Mario Maker 2 art style though! I made this for all the Story Jumper fans who don't like it when Mario sprites are badly upscaled. Now, they're only slightly compressed by StoryJumper. No google images were used in the making of this, so it should look a lot crisper than most Mario content on here.
  • We follow D as he visits the Optometrist. Will he make it out alive? Yeah, probably. D is a character from that Rain series I made a long time ago.
  • The legacy of the Rain series is still continuing. Today marks the day where best friends Rain and Snow are tired of standing, so they go to get a chair.
    Oh, and this story isn't about the water cycle, by the way. I see many many stories that feature raindrops being about the water cycle, but this isn't one of them.
  • After a 5 year hiatus, Super Soy has made his return on StoryJumper! This time he is battling Mister Ballerina.
  • Rain is back from Gentlefox277 from five years ago but it's better now.

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