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  • I hope you liked my book.
  • This book helps remind kids that through every day actions of being kind, helpful and thoughtful, they have the "powers" to be a Super Hero.
  • Jeffery is now back in space once again! On his search for cleaning out the ship, Jefferey runs into some problems. What will become of Jefferey? Find out now.
  • Ever wondered what would happen when your in space alone? Well this book tells you about a man who mysteriously appeared in a space alone. With nothing to do he explores the ship. What will happen? What will we run into? And WILL HE SURVIVE?
  • Celia, a girl from the city, moves into a haunted country estate. She and her new friend, Luke, must find clues to release the ghost from its murderous past.
  • Bumble books are about a mad shaggy dog called "Bumble" who goes on many real life adventures sailing round the world..
    "Bumble loves sailing"
    is the first book I have written with many more adventures to follow.
    I was very lucky to meet a wonderful man who wanted to go sailing round the world.
    As Bumble was my dog she just had to come on our amazing journey too...
    Ian called it his LOG OFF deal,Love one get one free...
    Every photograph you see in the books are photos we have taken on our travels so far.
    Bumble books are great for learning and fun real life stories to read.
    You can also follow Bumble on face book, she has her own page and following and has already become a little celebrity in newspapers and magazines.
    Follow Bumble at McLaren-Morris. for regular updates on her wonderful adventures.
    Many thanks to Erica from for making all our dreams come true.
  • A funny twist on how pigs came to get their cute little curly tails.
  • Ancient tale of a girl raised by wolves.
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