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  • Hey, What is up guyzz! My name is Monopolapple, and I am a serious gamer. And this is my new book, which is part of my (Brand New) series called...

    The Top 15!

    Please enjoy, and tell me in the comments if I should continue this series. If I get over 10 yes. Then I will continue!
    Remember to leave a like, And Piece out!

  • Five Nights at Freddy's-It's not on purpose, is a new book for my new series called, 'The True beginning' The novel series just involves FNAF books. I hope you enjoy, just remember, the reason why Will's son is in hospital is explained in the next book!- Stay Tuned for more FNAF books to this series!-Monopolapple
  • Is he successful or not...

    Guys, leave in the comments below if i should do some more troll books... i'm thinking the next one can be based on this troll guy that only says blah and goes around trolling people. PS leave a comment below if you think it's a good idea! thx
  • Hey guys, it is Monopolapple, and in this book you will discover the greatest youtube gamers in HISTORYYYYY! In my opinion... these you tubers are funny/cringey and will make you smile! please leave comments, and make sure to like it and have a Great day! Kind Regards Monopolapple:) Book 2 coming soon! Make sure to check out more of my books.
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