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  • This book was made for my son Emiliano. It has many facts about different animals found in the jungle and the safari. I hope anyone who reads this book will enjoy it and hopefully learn something new. I also allowed people to edit the book in case you would like to alter for your child. I hope you all enjoy the book. Thank you for reading.
  • This book is a list of safety tips provided by professional dog trainer, Dave McMahon. While the book was written for children, the tips are applicable to people of all ages. There are some excellent pictures provided by illustrator, Stacey Fox, that show what to do and not do around dogs. This book is always a fundraiser for a local organization called Niagara Dog Rescue. There are links in the book providing more information about Dave, Stacey, and how you can help the dog rescue.
  • This is a collection of dog jokes that will tickle your funny bone.
  • Tawnya is not your typical girl. She prefers sports and superheroes to dolls and dresses. She is a huge fan of superhero but laments the fact that are no female superheroes that she can admire. She has big plans to become one herself but an even bigger surprise is coming her way.
  • My New Account!
  • Here is the life of a roblox noob...
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