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  • Flamer has been told to kill the dragon but he became a team with the dragon and revenged on the knights for trying to kill the dragon for no reason. Read the book to find out more......
  • A rollypolly finds a mysterious object and set off outside the forest where a terrible event happens. Will the rollypolly be all right when the terrible event happens? Read the book to find out more......
  • Flamer and his two dragon companion sets off to kill the dragon that evilly ruled the dragon island. They had a great adventure in the mysterious volcanoe. Flamer's two companion got lost but found at last. Will Flamer be OK when he fights the evil dragon?
    Read the book to find out more......
  • A story of an epic adventure! The warrior Instatnus finds out that the legend of Hex was a lie! What is the real form of the legend? This is about Instatnus and his great adventures in the castle of Hex!
  • This book is for children dealing with fear. Do not allow fear to stop you from doing great things in life and making right decisions. We must teach children to be bold and to have courage when dealing with fear.
  • A ferocious dragon guards a precious crystal until some heroic scientists befriend him and go on a journey to bring the crystal home.
  • A popular Japanese folktale about a boy, born from a peach, who helps the local villagers fight a menacing band of demons.
  • A man who eats a magic bean and grows to become a giant who can no longer fit into his home.
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