International Collaborative Writing
Write books with other students around the world!

Students learn what it's like to grow up in each other’s country, providing an authentic, cross-cultural experience. They can write their collaborative books using a language that is common among the teachers and students. For example, an American student learning Spanish could be paired up with a student from Mexico learning English.

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How to run this project:
• You and another partner teacher agree to work together. Work with someone you already know or we can help match you with another teacher.
• You create a new StoryJumper class, add your students, and add your partner teacher to the class
• Your partner teacher accepts your email invitation and adds their students to the same class
• You click “Books” and “+ Create a template book”. You can pick the “All About We” template or blank template book as a starting point.
• Both teachers customize the template book anyway they like. When you’re both done, you click “Share with Students” and make the template book remixable.
• Both teachers decide which students will be partners. To get students started, you can either create a collaborative group book for each pair of students or let the students do it themselves.
• Both teachers provide students with their StoryJumper login instructions. After students login and work on their book, they can edit, add, and delete pages if they want.
• It’s important to build trust between student partners, so both teachers emphasize to their students the importance of always being respectful and empathetic with their student partner. All student work is visible to teachers.
• Student partners can edit their book at separate times. To have side discussions, students can also text chat on the pages in the back of the book, which will be seen in real-time.
• Students can add their voices to their books to practice their verbal fluency and hear what their partner sounds like.
• As a reward at the end of the project, both teachers can arrange a time for student partners to see and meet each other online. When both teachers “edit” the same book at the same time, they will be prompted to initiate the StoryJumper video chat box inside the book.
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