Narrate a Book
Students can practice their reading and speaking skills by narrating a template book that you prepare for them. Each student will get their own copy of the template book, hear your narration, and then record their own voice narrating each page.

Teacher Instructions
• You have two options to prepare the template book:
1) Create your own book or
2) Find a book from our Library that can be remixed (such as this book) and click "Remix".
• Either way, when you’re in the editor, add your voice to each page in the book so your students can hear how to pronounce the words in the book.
• When you’re done narrating all the pages, click “Save & Exit”
• Click “Share”
• Choose which classes that should see your book
• Click “Yes" next to “Allow students to copy & create their own versions of this book?”
• Read the instructions below and send them to your students.

Student Instructions
• Watch this video to see how to add your voice to a book:
• Log into your StoryJumper account, click “Create Book”, and click the template book titled “[Teacher to insert the title of the book]”.
• You will get your own copy of the book and it will open in the editor.
• On every page,
- click “Voice” on the left side
- click the Play button to hear the teacher’s narration
- click the Trash Can to the right of the “Your Voice” track.
- click “OK” to remove the teacher’s narration.
- click “Voice” on the left side.
- click “Record” to add your own narration to the page
- add background music and sound effects, if you want.

When you’re finished adding your voice to all pages, click “Save & Exit”.
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