Popcorn Narratives
Students work in groups. Like popcorn popping and bouncing around, one student starts a story and then hands it off to another student to continue. Frequent changing of hands allows for fun and surprising shifts in the story. This continues until a target number pages are completed (e.g. 16).

How to get started: Decide who in each group will start the book and the order of each group member. Have the starting student click "+ Create a book" and start the story on page 2 by adding their text, illustrations, and voice. The starting student should then click "Collaborate" and invite other group members to the book. Each group can determine how they want to alert the next student in the chain that it's their turn to continue the story on the next page. After the last student in the group adds their content, the circular chain continues with the starting student. When the target number of pages have been completed (e.g. 16), then the story is over. So, whoever writes the last page needs to wrap up the story!
  • Tall Tales
  • Fractured Fairy Tales
  • Fables
  • Human Body Systems
  • Historical Fiction
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