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  • Ever wonder how the Poptropica Gang first met in the HAUNTED HOUSE SEQUEL? Well, check out the album belonging to the gang and their history.
  • After Armstrong foolishly destroyed the realm, Bill Cipher, the real king of monsters, came back from the Mindscape and planned to take over the world. Will Discord and the gang ever stop him before it's too late?
  • (Remember what I said about releasing it on next October?
    Well, I lied because I can't keep my ideas in my brain for long. So here it is.) After working relationship with Discord, Friendly Noodle thought it's best for her friends to see that he's not so bad. But will they trust her? Will the monster hunter and Discord get along?
    P.S. I came up with some for few new character names like the monster hunter.
  • As we left off, the team got trapped in Discord's castle jail cell and got separated from Friendly Noodle. But she is about to reveal Discord's true past. (Night of the Haunted House 3 Release Date: Next October. I'm sorry but I really need those Halloween characters and background.)
  • Long ago, the house used to be a mansion, owned by a sweet couple until they disappeared mysteriously. Today, six people decided to solve this mystery. Unfortunately, they didn't thought who lived nearby.
  • We know how ponies found Equestria, but who was here before them and what was it called? Prepare to be amazed to see previous rulers of Equestria.

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