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  • It's exams time in Ben and Bob's school, but the mischievous Bob, knows no work at all. Ben his is only option now, but will a brother that he's already tricked so much, be helpful? Read this story to find out!
  • The all new book, The Hobo becomes rich is here! Have fun reading it! It's a story about how a poor man becomes a billionaire! Please view and like this book
  • The 4th story of the Ben and Bob collection has now been released! Please like comment and view this book.
  • It's a book about a family who has a lovely holiday together in Italy!
  • That's right people! The new book that I promised is here! In this book Bob pretends to be sick! And sorry I took long to release it.
  • The all new Ben and Bob goes to a sleepover book is realeased! So sorry for the big delay. But I'm back!

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