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  • The princess Mermaid, Adriana lives under the sea. She loves to tell stories to the whole kingdom, and the fishes, even the sharks, love her stories! But one rainy and dangerous day, Adriana comes to the shore to find a new story to tell to her little fish friends. But almost drowning, she floats back to the water by Goldie helping her. Then, Adriana suddenly sees a handsome human. But when she saves the human and went back to their kingdom, her father is mad at her for going up to the surface again. Finally he gets Adriana to speak up about what she did up in the surface. Adriana replies with her voice shaking, that she almost drowned, and that she helped a human get back up to the shore. The King is very angry and tells her to never go up to the surface again. But will Adriana listen to her father or will she go back to the surface?
    by ArvinRina
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