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    This is what was left of the part 2 which was hardly anything.
    by Austin24k
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  • MINECRAFT: Today is Creeper's birthday. Creeper is now 12 years old and Austin decided to plan a birthday party at chuck e cheese! But spider had to come too because Austin said so. Will Spider survive an another day or will he get grounded and injured again. Let's find out in this freeze picture.
    by Austin24k
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  • MINECRAFT AND NARUTO: Austin and creeper forces spider to ride on him to burger Q and have dinner with them. spider said no so Austin said you have to come or else you will get grounded. then spider farted on creeper,s face during dinner. then spider got grounded and injured. ENJOY
    by Austin24k
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  • zombie is so stupid that he failed the school! (naruto and minecraft)
    by Austin24k
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  • the first mob to get grounded
    by Austin24k
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