My Public Books

  • Susie, a student, shares her school notebook filled with doodles and some notes. Her mom gets angry about her failing grades but promises to get her a new drawing notebook.
  • I am a celebrity. This book has all of my songs. I hope u enjoy!
  • This is another friend book where there is 2 friends who meet up. 1 friend gets mad at the other and it turns into total drama.
  • This is about a girl with a baby brother and she learns things that really have a impact on her life. She got discoursed because of her rude mom, and only had Rug to rely on. Read the story to find out who Rug is, what happened, and how she got through it. Hope u enjoy!!
  • This is about a girl and a boy who r BFFS and the girl might not be such a good friend...
  • hey this a fiction story about a 9 year old who really messes up.
  • This is about a high schooler who is in love with a boy but another boy get jelly and turns into a bully.
  • This story is about a cat who learns lots of lessons. She learns to trust, to love things that r not cats, and to help those things. Hope u enjoy!

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