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  • Ο Κλέαρχος,ένα μικρό αγαλματάκι,δίχως να ξέρει τους κανόνες του διαδικτύου,έπεσε θύμα διαδικτυακής βίας.Απομακρύνθηκε από τους πολύ αγαπημένους φίλους του,οι οποίοι τον συμβούλευαν να μην μιλάει σε αγνώστους αλλά χωρίς αποτέλεσμα.Στο τέλος,πληγώθηκε ψυχικά και σωματικά και δεν ξέχασε ποτέ το μεγάλο του λάθος.

Books I Like

  • "Dear Best friend... a Note For You..." 2 Best friends Made a promise at 6 that they will always be friends & they Will never ever leave each other sides but that changes All the changes that ONE DAY... That's when Disaster Arrives And changes their lives...(I am sorry At the End of you guys don't like it Maybe Ask me to change it...? Only if you hate it...)
  • Inspiring true story about a little girl who conquers Celiac Disease, encouraging others to embrace who they are and battle the evil forces of Gluten and Cross Contamination so they can become Celiac superheroes just like her.
  • Animal awareness, character building, responsibility & community involvement is what "Shelter Souls" is all about. Everyone deserves a loving home! Let's all do our part to help. :)
  • An encouraging story to inspire friendships through understanding and enlightenment.
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