My Public Books

  • The story of Beauty and the Beast but with a surprise guest. I am trying to link the Disney princess movies together to make a fun fantastic world.
  • My twist on the classic tale Sleeping Beauty.
  • Ariel, a mermaid princess, falls in love with a human prince named Eric. Despite her father's disapproval and the evil sea witch Ursula's schemes, Ariel is determined to be with Eric, even if it means becoming human herself.
  • An old rivalry resurfaces and Captain Will has to choose between treasure and his crews safety. What will Captain Will choose and will he decide in time to save his friends life?
  • Captain Will is out sailing when he comes across a problem. He uses a quick fix but It comes back to haunt him. Can Captain Will fix his problem permanently and learn a lesson, or will he be stuck out at sea?
  • I am starting a new series about Capitan Will and his crew. This is the first so look forward to more!
  • “Bad Apple” is a creative remake of Disney’s Snow White. Look out for characters from other Disney movies. I added little touches of my own creativity; I am playing with family trees and story lines. I plan to tie all of the Disney Princess movies together by adding characters from other movies.

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