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  • I love seeing what people want to do because it really brings out writing and as a sixth grader I wanted to show you about me and I hope you find it inspiaring. When I grow up I want to be a teacher and a famous writer because I am really good at it and I want to share it with the world. From your good friend and also good story teller and writer.
    Natalia Thoendel
  • My family and my life! You can know about me!
  • I hope you like the story I made about my dog and some funny stories with it. Scooby is a loyal dog and is still living. If you want me to make a book with you put your email below.
  • I love spongebob but do you know him? Here are quizes for you to do.
  • I like Spongebob what about you? here is a book about the charecters that you will see if you watch Spongebob and I tell a little bit about each charecters.
  • This is a book to help people stop bullying! Please don't bully and learn what happens and be upstanders. Those are the people that stand up and see what is going on in the bullying situation.
  • I hope you liked the book about spongebob if you have any questions put them in the description! If you want to make a book with me put your email down below and I hope you liked the story of spongebob and why it is so good and not as addictive as games like fortnight although fortnight is popular.

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